Fire Pumps

We seem to have started a collection of Godiva/Coventry Climax Light Pumps and Trailer Pumps. We don’t really know that much about them but they are a bit more fun to do up because there is less of them to do! We’d love to know if what we are saying here is right and find out lots more about them!
Such pumps have been around for some time initially trailer pumps were used even behind Taxi’s in london during the war, and to this day a light pump is often caried in a side locker on a Fire Tender.
Godiva and Coventry Climax seem to have made a series of 3 4cylinder approx. 1 litre petrol engine powered pumps as follows:


Our FSM may or may not be complete – we have not started work on it yet but we do have a lot of bits – more than we seem to need so can’t be sure yet.
We got it on a trailer and are keen to find out the history of both esp. as this is not the triler we seem to see in pictures with FSM pumps….

So if you recognise it and can fill us in we’d love to know more. The Trailer has a plate stating “Trailer Manufacutred by Iso-Speedic Co., Friars Road, Coventry. to the design of Coventry Climax Engines Ltd. Type FWT Serial No.5611245.”
Interestingly Iso-Speedic also made speed regulators for early Land Rover Generators and Fire engines.
There is also what appears to be a Ministry plate – with the following three lines:ER


We don’t own one of these (yet 🙂 A lot of these seem to have been green military units. To find out more have a look at this chap’s page… Coventry Climax FWP Page (The photo here came from his page)


We have 3 of these,they were in service carried on Tenders until very recently, the 573 is pull cord start and the 574 (which we don’t have) is an electric start. All 3 are ex Gloustershire brigade and came to us not running. This one just needed a good serivce – plugs points etc and some clean petrol and it started – amazing how easy it is to pull start a 1 litre four cylinder engine!
We welded up the twisted frame and cleaned and painted it all – all that is left is to sort the instruction label and we can show it off with pride…

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