Preserved Things

Having a habbit of preseving old vehicles and so on… Fire fighting and tractors and so on between Dave and his dad… here is a few snippets of what we have got up to!

Fire Engine

Plant Trailer

Fire Pumps

I have a number of scans of fire pump manuals – in the hope it helps people with these things, I am happy to host ANY articles or information on these pumps – but please do not consider me an expert – I do have a few ideas about what goes wrong with a GPF pump when it is parked up – but that about ends it!

Fire Pump Manuals

In addition to this I often get asked if I want to buy bits, or sell bits or general advice … I am sure there are not too many of us in this niche but I have started a yahoo group where at least you can advertise or ask…

Light Fire Pump Forum so go get logged on and share what we know and have!

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