R & R Plant Trailer

Well this was never intended to be a restoration as such, we just bought a trailer from eBay to use to move our gear arround on and use for building projects etc. It had no ratings etc. so we reckoned it looked up to the 2 tonne payload we needed so we bought it. A bit of digging later it was suggested it might be a Richardson Rice unit (which we found out whilst looking for a rim to put a spare on – still want one by the way so if anyone has one for a Commer Van). so we contacted them and indeed they did make it.It turns out they bought Rice trailers who made this a good number of years ago but kept the stock of spares. after talking to them we found out that ours ceased manufacture in 1958! When we wanted some replacement dampers for the tow hitch they had them in stock! At the same time we got a brochure for it too – Brochure They are really great still supporting a 1958 product so please go visit them – and if you go buy anything tell them about us! Richardson Rice trailersSo we spent a load of time on it fitting lights and new mudguards and tidying it up, still have a winch to fit but otherwise it is brill – turns out it doesnot quite manage the 2ton we wanted but is ok for most stuff and we have already had 2ton on it with no problems!
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